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i really like some one i think he is actally the sexest man alive but just because i wouldnt do something he asks because i feel EXTERMLY uncomfterable doing it
 he snaps at me and calls me selfish and here i am crying over a silly thing like that me a girl who usally doesnt care about what people think any more but now i dont know what it is i just wonder if he really cares about me why would he put me into a situation that causes me stress or am i just a toy he want to minipulate till im his perfect girl the drop me and leave just like all the others or is this just going to stop before its even started i dont know anymore and right now i just wanna stop crying because thats all i used to ever do and i want to be strong and keep moving because im finally going to collage now and im finally leaveing my hell of a home and things are finally going right for me ME of all people so if he really cares about me i dont know but he has broken my trust and its not given back that easily

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Posted on 11:05AM on Jun 18th, 2010
*hugs* good things will come to you when you start college :-)
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