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 i think half the time I'm living in fantasy world where i wish some man would sweep me off my feet or back me into a dark ally and claim me as his sighs but no one ever looks at a girl with acne who's short and a little round ill admit it but i love my skin but I'm insecure only because its seems no guy loves me or approaches me i have to chase after them and its so hard because usually i end up getting hurt and they end up getting away like a fish jumping off the hook so i make up my own princes of the night or day i dont judge looks ether i dont care if half your face was missing i love what is inside half of the guys i chase are the ones who you wouldn't think would have a girl chasing them but they some how find a better girl i don't know i think my heart is turning into stone because slowly little by little hate forms its black crust

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Posted on 05:35PM on May 21st, 2010
there are many who care for you open the door and they will walk into your world. communicate your love of all things that matter so that others benefit from your gifts with words and love you the more for it. forget your imperfections we all have them
Posted on 02:59PM on Mar 16th, 2011
I didn't stop loving you because I found someone better. I stopped loving you because you told me you'd stopped loving me. Not to mention you stopped returning my calls, texts, emails, etc. (sigh)
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