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if some one out their in this world is actually reading this i thank you with all my heart this will be my first post i hope of many to help with my sanity I'm 17 my name is Amelia and i hope one day to bring my drawings to life so they wont be in my head any more I'm siting at home sick with my period in full swing and on top of that Xmas shit and my mother shoving me to do my collage apps that is a whole other tale my father is no place to be found of coarse he is helping others when he cant even help his own emotional problems and I'm struggling with love of a man who is amazing and i wonder if i even deserve him sighs and i bet no one is ever going to read this because hey who would I'm just a tiny thing that gets tossed aside for my imperfections  I'm sorry for the no grammar that's just how i am

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Posted on 04:28PM on May 23rd, 2010
we all have imperfections your sweet sensitivity and expression of love makes you different despite the pain it will pass because you have friends who care about you
Posted on 01:43PM on Nov 28th, 2010
You are an amazingly beautiful and talented young woman... life, love & wonder lay at your feet and soon your spirit will be filled with everything you dream of :)
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